Open Water 20 - Beginner

RAID Open Water 20

You want to become a diver? Great! Whether your diving is to:

  • travel and explore the 70% of earth you can’t currently gain access to;
  • to experience the feeling of weightlessness (the closest most of us will get to feeling like an astronaut!);
  • check out the weird and wonderful sea creatures, wrecks, caves and other submerged wonders;
  • go to the edge of your personal and/or mans limits;
  • or simply chill out with no phone reception you need to start somewhere!

Learning to dive is a fun and exciting process. It involves self-paced online study, review with one of our instructors, time in the pool mastering the skills needed to dive safely and comfortably, and 4 dives in the ocean transferring your new knowledge to the marine environment. Upon successful completion of your course you will graduate with an internationally recognized Open Water diver certification allowing you to explore the underwater world to a maximum depth of 20m with your dive buddy. Your training will be comprehensive, fun and of a world class standard.This enables you to become a safe, confident and comfortable diver and best of all, your training is structured to suit you!  We have three great options for you to choose from:

Premium Course: $1050

This is our private Open Water 20 four-day certification course that is custom designed to suit you and your learning style and pace. It is the perfect course for single people, couples or the busy person who can’t take multiple days or weekends off in row. One on one training will build more confidence with personalised attention. This style of training will ultimately make you a much safer diver with an advanced skill level in airway control, buoyancy control and trim. These are the 3 main factors that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Includes: All theory, all scuba hardware, your own private instructor, 2 shore dives and 2 boat dives. Excludes: All soft wear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots)

Signature Course: $545

This four-day training course is completed over two consecutive weekends and is run with between 4 and 6 divers. Whilst it may not be as individually personalised as the private course, this 4 day option offers a higher quality and level of training with more time spent under water than anyone else can offer you. We are the only scuba company in the area running this four-day programme with these smaller classes sizes. To you, that means you will get a higher level of advanced training from your course and you will ultimately be a better and safer diver with more time to enjoy this experience and extra time to practice your skills. Includes: All theory, all scuba hardware, 2 shore dives and 2 boat dives. Excludes: All soft wear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots)

Budget Course: $445

This course is designed as a three-day mid-week option for that busy person who works on weekends and for that person that is already comfortable in the water and confident to move at a quicker pace. This 3-day training course is run with between 4 and 6 students. Whilst this course doesn’t give you quite as much underwater time as our other options, it is designed to be a less time consuming option while still maintaining a good safety standard. We are able to maintain safety standards mainly by keeping the course numbers to a minimum. We truly believe that with these smaller classes, you will still get more out of this training than any two-day course, ultimately making you a better and safer diver. Includes: All theory, all scuba hardware, 4 shore dives.Excludes: All soft wear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots) No matter which one of these great courses you choose, the Snorkel and Dive Safari team of instructors will always endeavour to make your” learn to dive experience” as safe, and as fun as possible. Our motto here is that it’s all about the quality and safety of the dive training, not the quantity we can put through in one sitting. So, if you want the highest quality scuba training that the coast has to offer, give us a call and start your training today!

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