Divemaster - Pro Level 1

RAID Divemaster

A Divemaster is one of the most highly respected ratings in the dive community and the first pro level within the RAID system of training, education and certification. Although some may find that the Divemaster rating suits their professional needs and is a rewarding full-time or part-time career in its own right, a Divemaster can also be a stepping stone and is a prerequisite to becoming a Dive Instructor. By becoming a Divemaster you can plan, organise and lead dives for certified divers. You can also assist in diver training and even conduct some training independently of an Instructor. It is easier than most people think. Prerequisites  To become a Divemaster you must first complete as a minimum the following courses: Open Water 20, Nitrox, Advanced 35, Deep 40, Night and Limited Visibility, Navigation and Master Rescue Diver. We also highly recommend you at least complete two other specialty ratings that will help build on your professional standing, such as those that may be useful and unique to your area of employment (e.g. Wreck Diver if your local region has a wreck site or Drift Diver if there is a popular drift dive in your vicinity). You will require a minimum 25 hours of logged in-water experience to become a Divemaster. We feel this is essential to set you up for completing the course and to take on the necessary responsibilities that come with a professional level qualification. You will also need to have a diving medical less than 6 months old that is signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner. Note that at RAID, we require a higher standard of training than most other diver training agency at all levels. It is not that the training is more difficult, it is just more comprehensive and therefore we believe that we typically train better divers. If you have undertaken training from another training agency we do recognise such training; however in most instances, you will find you need to do some additional training prior to starting with RAID, especially if you have only fulfilled the minimum requirements required by most other agencies. For example, you will be required to provide documented evidence of at least 5 hours of diving to more than 27m and have been trained to 40m. Also at RAID we do not feel good buoyancy control should be part of a specialty diver certification. If you have come through the RAID system you would have been taught to hover in the horizontal diver position. If not, there will be a workshop provided to train you in this vital buoyancy skill.

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