Technical Programs

Technical Programs

Snorkel Safari Swansea like all RAID stores has a support system that enables it to invite guest instructors in from anywhere in the world to teach the Technical program you are after.

Airfill Operators Program details

Filling, inspecting and storing SCUBA cylinders is an essential part of the dive industry. There are risks associate with inspecting, filling and storing SCUBA cylinders, these risks extend beyond personal safety and damage to property. Minimising the risk and reducing hazards comes down to training and understanding. It does not matter if you are just getting into the industry or have been an Instructor for years, you have a duty of care to have the proper training to avoid an incident. This course SISOSCB307A Inspect and Fill SCUBA cylinders course developed by ORCA and  industry experts is Nationally Recognised and designed to cover the needs of anyone who is handling, storing and filling SCUBA cylinders. Our program provides you the skills and confidence to safely operate high pressure filling systems commonly used for SCUBA cylinders.

Understand the standards and safe operating procedures. This course is now a pre requisite for many employers as it shows you have been trained properly, you understand the risks and you care about the air your breathe and supply to others.  This course combines hands on practical experience as well as theory and should be a minimum requirement for anyone in the dive industry.

What does the course cover?

  • Cylinder markings and their meanings
  • Valve types, de valving, re valving
  • Working pressures
  • Accident and injury prevention
  • PPE
  • Burst disc
  • Calibrating gauges
  • Verifying cylinders
  • Filling temperatures
  • Intakes
  • Compressor filtration
  • Air purity
  • Compressor checks, daily logs, working sheets

And much more.

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